iphone se2 will arrive early 2020Kuo: iPhone SE2 will arrive early 2020 and cost $399


iphone se2 will arrive early 2020 – As was quoted.

Ming-Chi Kuo is telling investors that Apple’s rumored “iPhone SE 2” will arrive in the first calendar quarter of 2020, at a bargain price.

In a note seen by Insider, Ming-Chi Kuo of TF Securities is predicting specifically —- what the “iPhone SE 2” will include. Specifically, he believes that the phone will have the A13 processor which he has spoken about before. Additionally, he is expecting it to come in 64GB and 128GB capacities, with 3GB of application RAM.

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iPhone SE 2

He is predicting three finishes. Along with the device expected to ship in Space Gray, Silver, and Red. Furthermore, 3D Touch has gone. Now it has Haptic Touch.

Kuo believes the device will be a “key growth driver” for Apple in 2020. However, he also ways that suppliers will be producing between 2 million and 4 million devices per month, with 30 million devices sold in the entirety of 2020.

 iphone will arriveExpected buyers are said to lean towards the device to tiptoe into the iOS ecosystem, have a limited budget, or have a low demand for high-end features that are found the iPhone 11 family of devices.

The possible “iPhone SE 2”. Has a size of the iPhone 8as told. The first discussions of that being the case were in September in September, just prior to the iPhone 11 release.

The rumored essential phone is too narrow. but from current XR screen, reduce size of 1 icon row that might be little smaller then SE size or little bigger then current face id area.. The length wise tall as 11 Pro, Include face id and single or 2 camera like 11 in the back.

Further on iPhone SE 2

The point of the SE is its size, not its price… We’d like to see a new SE with home button gone and top and bottom bezels – just large enough to incorporate the TrueDepth system for FaceID. Slimming dow the bezels would allow them to increase the display size while keeping the overall size slightly larger than the current SE.

 iphone se2Those are old models with older processors and older hardware, being recycled for another year. And then another year,  old inventory mixed with some new production. Another This is a rare instance of a NEW budget model, and using the same general release schedule as someone like Google’s Pixel line: Flagships in the fall followed by more a more budget-minded model with some of the flagship’s features in the Spring. Smart!

We want to remove all my games to iPad mini or Air and iPhone is just for credit card payment and text, phone call.


It won’t be anything more than an iPhone 8 with a new name and upgraded internals, maybe an upgraded camera. Same as the 5S > Original SE.

 iphone se2 will arrive early 2020The whole point of a budget iPhone is to minimize R&D on creating a new phone, by using existing designs and internals. They know this older design won’t cannibalize the flagships. Even with a great price. And this way they can offer the budget market a solid phone. That could entice people into the ecosystem. The SE was never a ‘small phone’ market. The design of old iPhone. It is reused.


Kuo believes the device will be a

“key growth driver” for Apple in 2020

 iphone se2

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