Getting To Know Android Tablet

Getting To Know Android Tablet

Getting To Know Android Tablet – A Brief Summary

Getting To Know Android Tablet – When you first begin using an Android tablet you should take time to learn some information about the device. The following information focuses on things such as the Android tablets operating systems:

Getting To Know Android Tablet – The Basics

In its most basic and original form android was a Linux based operating system develop by Android Inc. It’s an open source. So it is unlike Apple’s code dominated system. Thus making it free for developers and manufacturers to look upon it with favor. This becomes an attractive option for manufacturers who prefer to spend the resources on manufacturing high quality devices.

The android operating system

The android operating system is a large.  Moreover every growing community of developers who are focused. Or creating new applications for its use on the android. Some of which are free while others come with a very competitive and nominal price tag.

The android currently unofficially has over 300,000 applications. Also it is quickly catching up with Apple’s application store and is growing by the minute. With an existing user base of over 130 million.


As for Google lucrative role here, is the promotion of its operating system if the ultimate goal simple as it control a growing portion of the advertising content on the devices it features in.

Android Tablet Computers

The android tablet computers. They are the table computers. Or otherwise popularly referred to as a slate. That is a keyboard free computer. That are touch screen enabled. Being the first mainstream tablet. The iPad came in early 2010. It has been able to woo its customers with its impressive usefulness, beauty and functionality. As there are many competitors to the original tablet. It is to note. That most of them are based on the Android Operating System.

The Android Tablet Computers by and far, share the Google Android operating system and also the Android Market share for the applications designed.

Basically the users select the best fit for their own individual criteria based on the needs, price, design, operating system and user friendly features.

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