Perfumes and Fragrance

Perfumes and Fragrance

Perfumes and Fragrance

Perfumes and Fragrance

Fragrance Industry
The foundations of the modern fragrance industry can be traced to fragrance Producers. Probably Established in the south of France during the sixteenth century.

[1] Certainly, France’s Mediterranean coast. Therefore offers excellent conditions.Hence, for cultivating. Probably, Plants whose flowers, fruit, stems, and roots, Hence, Used to produce fragrances.

[2] Also, For centuries fragrance manufacturers located themselves. Almost near growers. For the reason that, to obtain and process the plant materials as soon as possible after their harvest.

[3] Furthermore by the nineteenth century. Likewise, many of the essences produced by these manufacturers were shipped to Paris to be purchased by hundreds of small perfume houses there that mixed them.

Perfumes and Fragrance


Perfumes and Fragrance – The Development of Fragrance Industry

Furthermore, sold the compounds in branded retail products like fine fragrances, soaps, and cosmetics.

[4] Another, Throughout the nineteenth century. Certainly, the farms, essential oil producers, and manufacturers of branded fragrances were family enterprises.

[5] With small staffs. Consequently, often comprised of related individuals who spent their entire careers with the same firm, it was relatively easy for these businesses to maintain proprietary information about distillation techniques, the composition of branded perfumes, and other elements of the production process.
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Most Noteworthy: The Changes in Fragrance Industry

Furthermore, During the twentieth century, the fragrance industry underwent radical changes. Increasing real estate values in the area of Grasse. Also Coupled with rising labor costs, prompted the sale of land once used to cultivate jasmine. Hence, other flowers for more profitable uses like condominium developments.

[6] Also, now most of the crops. Certainly, used in fragrance manufacture are grown and processed in countries like Algeria and India where land and labor are relatively inexpensive.

[7] Another, Most of the small perfumeries. While, in Paris have disappeared or have been consolidated. Also By the end of the twentieth century. Five fragrance and flavor companies – none of them French – had come to supply, Consequently, Over half of the world fragrance market.

[8]  Furthermore, the perfumeries in Paris. Certainly, In the nineteenth century created their own branded proprietary blends, today most perfumes are developed and manufactured by a few large corporations with branches all over the world.


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